venerdì 27 aprile 2012

Quiz Night - Out with the Girls

Life's not only looking after my son, do the shopping, do my housework, cook, try to survive to all of this... I also need some time out with friends, a laugh (or more than one, maybe!) and maybe a glass of wine! So, when my friend Brandi asked me if I wanted to go out for a Quiz Night I was thrilled. And as my husband said he wasn't supposed to save the world for that particular night (well, we're always looking at the sky to catch a glimpse of the emergency bat-shaped call  from Gotham City, but THAT is an entirely different matter) I was filled with joy! A night out, three long hours without checking for Leonardo, without worrying about tantrum, dinner, going to bed, but only FUN!

So I went to the Carousel, a restaurant in downtown Eindhoven, where every Thursday there's the Quiz Night, and looked for Brandi. I found her with Allyson and Danette, and then Danica came. We were the team "From Venus", but mostly we were from Italy, Usa and Ireland! A nice, well-assorted group of ladies and moms.

Quiz Night: The Team "From Venus"
We got in advance some tips from the Facebook page of the International Quiznight Eindhoven, but the only thing I could make out was a picture of Daniel Craig, aka Mr Bond, James Bond. The firts round was about finding names for pictures (pretty easy ones, going from Nicky Hilton to Pele), some tricky, such as a picture from a film (we didn't recognize the actors at first), and some impossible, like Mata Hari. Then came the questions. And "when the going gets tough, the toughs get going!", but it was hard. I mean, do you know what physical phenomenon that happened in the late XIX century made scientists understand they miscalculated the age of the Earth? Or what Holy Roman Emperor shares his name with the Nazi invasion of Russia during WWII? I mean, without the internet? Even "Who Greek writer is the author of such works as Antigone or Oedipus Rex" can be tricky, if you only have a couple of minutes to go! The very first one was "What car drives the current F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel?". I know it's a Red Bull, I know it, but first thing that came to my mind was McLaren... Don't know why! Other questions were "Which capital city of which nation, if anagrammatized, has the same name of the 6th largest city of this nation, which was its former capital?". Crazy, but we got it, as many others.

So we fought and... came in 20th out of 30 teams! Not so bad, not so good, but it was fun! No matter if we got the answers right, we enjoyed ourselves, and between questions we kept chatting about everything, from kids (girls always talk about boys!) to holidays to life in Eindhoven. When our magic coach was ready, me and Brandi left (moms are not used to stay up all night, especially me!) just before the final round, the songs and artists one. And they said it was really fun! On our way to the Station we talked about languages and mistakes you make when you're not fluent [Brandi had a German friend who kept asking her American English teacher for a "rubber", and while she meant an eraser, the teacher understood she needed a condom!] and then took our magic carriages [bus number 1 and number 401] to go back home. 

[And the answers are: 1. Something related to radio-something, don't remember!; 2. Federico Barbarossa; 3. Sophocles; 4. Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan]

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